Westcountry Spice started life in a small kitchen in Devon in the year 2000 by our founder, Chris Carnegie. Inspired by his love of food and travel, Chris had a vision, to give cooks and food lovers everywhere the opportunity to share in his unique and memorable food experiences from across the globe.

Chris has an established background in the food industry and his culinary skills stem from a family tradition of cooking and baking. He also spent time with his Grandmother in Bahrain, where from an early age he learned to cook curry and was immersed in Middle Eastern and Asian culture. Encouraged by the enthusiasm with which friends and colleagues greeted his curry pastes and spice blends, Chris was making and packaging the jars himself and began to supply a small range of products to local market stalls and delicatessens.

Whilst Westcountry Spice have moved from that small kitchen to a large factory in Buckfastleigh on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, our values have remained the same. We still produce our ranges in small batches to maintain quality, authenticity and flavour. Our products contain no artificial colours or preservatives and are made with the best organic ingredients we can find.

Today, Westcountry Spice is a leading innovator and distributor of award winning, high quality, all organic products in the UK, Europe and Asia and is trusted by leading restaurants, retailers and catering organisations to deliver the finest quality organic cooking pastes, sauces and ingredients.

To request more information telephone +44 (0)1364 644548 or email sales@westcountryspice.com

Chris Carnegie MD, Westcountry Spice


Fresh and organic ingredients

As a leader in the organic food movement, Westcountry Spice was one of the first companies in the UK to be registered as organic by the Soil Association. We are proud to have been registered for over 15 years.

The move to organic was fuelled by our founder’s experience of cooking for his young family; he became more aware of the harmful pesticides and chemicals found in food and how this contributed to health issues. The organic movement has helped shape the Westcountry Spice philosophy – produce unadulterated food to promote a healthier lifestyle and a better world. This underpins all our food production practices.