Our Story

Westcountry Spice started life in a small kitchen in Devon in the year 2000.  Encouraged by the enthusiasm with which friends and colleagues greeted the curry pastes and spice blends with, our owner, Chris (Pictured right), who was making and packaging the jars himself, began to supply a small range of products to local market stalls and delicatessens.

It wasn’t long before Westcountry Spice decided to move entirely to organic; making it one of the first companies in the UK to be registered as such. In fact, we are proud to have been registered as Organic by the Soil Association for over 15 years. The move to organic was fuelled by our creator’s experiences of cooking for his young family; with harmful pesticides and nasty chemicals in our food inspiring him to change the way the company was run for the better. Since then, all of our products have remained palm oil free, GMO free, gluten free and extremely low in salt.

Whilst we have moved from that small kitchen to a large factory around the corner, our values have remained the same. Quality and authenticity have always been our top priorities in creating and producing our range. From right here in our factory in the Devonshire countryside, we created the world’s first gluten free, organic Hoisin sauce – along with a whole host of award-winning products. We are incredibly proud of all of our products, and make it our goal to ensure you too can have fresh, organic restaurant quality food in minutes.


Fresh and organic ingredients